Client Testimonials

Here’s what our happy clients have to say about PondArt services.

“PondArt created a great pond for us. It really created an island of serenity where there was just a plain backyard. After ten years it looks even more natural. We love it.”
—M.L., Rio Del Mar, CA

testimonials1“Our pond is the center point of our house. There has never been a visitor to our home who hasn’t commented on it’s beauty. PondArt created a masterpiece. It is our pride and joy.”
—B.B., Prunedale, CA

“In this chaotic world everyone needs a peaceful haven. Our neighbors thank us for the soothing sounds of the waterfall. Thanks to PondArt we now have a little piece of heaven right here in our own backyard.”
—T.M., Aptos, CA

“Our pond has become our gathering spot. The sound of the water soothes our souls. The bright colored fish are illuminated at night. The birds enjoy the pond as much as we do. Thank you PondArt!”
—M.H., Aptos, CA

“The beautiful pond design gives us renewable strength and enjoyment everyday. The water and stone arrangements add audible and visual pleasure. PondArt’s talent is beyond comparison. Thank you!”
—M.L., Rio Del mar, CA

“We just love our rebuilt pond, it is fantastic. The sound it makes reminds us of our favorite camping site along the McCloud River by mt. Shasta. It is so soothing to sit on our patio and listen to the pond, especially in the evening. The birds love it also.”
—R.M., Santa Cruz, CA

“… fabulous waterfall, needs no maintenance because it’s pondless. It is wonderfully artistic with great workmanship. PondArt was a gem to work with.”
—L.N., Carmel Valley, CA

“PondArt’s remake of our old pond and waterfall turned it into a much more appealing and realistic water feature. Joseph is a true artisan with a eye for detail and concern for satisfying his clients.”
—D.C., Santa Cruz, CA

“When PondArt built our pond it blended seamlessly into our new garden. PondArt is a genius with rock. Our wildlife pond looks like it was always there, so natural. Everyday we delight in the birds, frogs, and dragonflies that visit. We love it!”
—R.S., San Jose, CA

“It has been a full year since our pondless waterfall was completed and we still marvel about how wonderful it is to hear the cascading waters and how much it adds to our landscape. Joseph has a amazing creative eye. We could not be happier! We highly recommend Joseph and his team.”
—B.L., Saratoga, CA

“We thought we might be able to build our pond on our own but, shortly found we couldn’t. We needed help and fast. We contacted Joseph at PondArt. They created a working plan. PondArt changed the design, added a skimmer, increased the size of the bio—filter, dug the pond deeper, ordered the rock, and put it all together in 5 days. We now have four natural boulder cascades helping to mask the noise of Hwy. 1 and something beautiful to look at throughout the day and night.”
— J.S., Santa Cruz, CA

“Wanted to say how pleased we are with the work that PondArt does. They did a wonderful job of cleaning and restoring out pond. Pondart works hard and is very thorough. Thank you!”
—E.R., San Jose, CA

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