Pond Cleaning

Preparing for Summer

springcleaningIf you have a pond, you know all about muck, crud, algae, and all of the stuff that makes your pond unattractive. During the year the pond collects all sorts of junk that (unless collected by a functioning skimmer) all settle to the bottom of the pond. This muck affects water quality, available oxygen for your fish and (most significantly) the available nutrients for algae.

How we do a pond cleanout?

  • We set up our pumps
  • Remove the water and fill up our fish tanks (for your fish)
  • Transfer the fish.
  • Remove unwanted and invasive plants, trimming desirable.
  • Remove debris and pump out muck (again and again)
  • Pressure wash waterfalls and rocks.
  • Clean the skimmer and bio-falls (biological filter)
  • Adjust auto fill, clean and repair lights.
  • Refill pond, add stresscoat to remove chlorine and return fish to pond
  • Touch up pond edges, add bacteria and beautify

Our rates

  • Labor: we charge $80.00 per man hour plus a one hour transportation, delivery/organizational/set-up fee
  • Extra costs: all materials – pumps, filterpads, lights, screws are extra
  • Regular maintenance, repairs, pump replacements, emergencies and weekend services are negotiated

Fish Waiver
Though we take extraordinary care to remove your pond inhabitants to a safe place, If you have Koi, turtles or frogs, you will need to approve and sign our “pond life waiver” that removes us from any liability for damage or death to your pond inhabitants.

Performing regular maintenance and adding bacteria will reduce the cost of your next “spring cleanup”.