Pond FAQs

Frequently asked questions about pond problems, pond maintenance, and supplies.

What causes leaks?

Bamboo rhizomes also grow under the liner and (without aprotective underlayment) will penetrate the liner from below. We have an example of a client liner with over 20 holes with green bamboo shoots about to surface. Proper installation requires an underlayment/geo-textile.

Gophers eat (chew) a lot of Plant roots, irrigation tubing, and (yes) rubber pond liners. Unless your waterfall and pond is protected with agood geo-textile (underlayment), gophers will cut gopher sized holes through your liner predominantly along the waterfall/ cascade edges. Proper installation requires an underlayment/ protective geo-textile.

alumvsstainless1Aluminum screws
Many Large prestigious pond component manufacturers used aluminum screws to fasten the skimmer and bio-filter (bio-falls) faceplate tothe respective components. Unfortunately, pond water contains many corrosive elements that turn these aluminum screws to calcified mush. When the screws fail, there is no positive clamping pressure on the liner and skimmer. The result is a massive and sudden leak. This example shows how plant roots, outside the pond, take advantage of nutrient rich water, following it under the liner and separating the liner from the skimmer or bio-falls Clients report a 2 – 3 in drop in the pond level overnight. Often the auto-fill valve will open (running full time) and mask this loss, giving the false appearance of a non-leaking pond. This is no easy fix as the pond has to be drained to repair the leak. We at Pondart have replaced/converted over 50 skimmers and bio-falls to stainless steel screws. PondArt examines and changes screws to stainless steel during a pond clean-up.

How do I maintain my pond?

With many variations, your skimmer will have several major features: weir flap, debris net or basket, filter pad or brushes, pump, check valve. See illustration at right.

Your pond skimmer is number one in reducing maintenance and protecting the life of your pond. You may have to clean the debris net/debris tray every week, and just how often depends on overhead leaf, plant debris, and fish load. Failure to clean the skimmer debris net often results in loss of skimming effectiveness, starving the pump, and pressure on the auto-fill valve. If the auto-fill valve becomes jammed on this can result in sending water down the drain causing the loss of hundreds of gallons of water.

bacteriaadditiveskit2Bacterial additives
Your pond is a living ecosystem. Millions of living things are eating, reproducing and dying in your pond. Every pond expert will tell you that you need to provide for the “good” things in your pond– (good skimmers, good bacteria and good enzymes) and try to reduce the bad things– (pesticides, erosion from planting areas, ammonia and nitrites from fish wastes and decaying organic matter). Keep your pond SAFE by Skimming, Aeration, Filtration and Efficiency.

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