Pond Maintenance

Pond & Water Garden Maintenance

At PondArt we provide professional pond and water garden maintenance, repair, and services. With over 23 years of experience you can entrust our maintenance team to provide quality care for your pond needs. We provide maintenance services to Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Sen Benito, and Monterey counties, and are available for 24 hour emergency services. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance service plans including fall and spring (see our page on spring cleaning).

What we do:

  • algae2bpond status check-up including potential leak analysis
  • cleaning and replacing filters
  • pump check-up, is it your pump or your electrical system
  • waterfall inspection
  • maintaining water quality & treatment procedures
  • aquatic plant maintenance
  • winter preparation
  • spring clean-outs
  • emergency services – If you have large koi, your pump dies, we’re in the middle of a summer heat wave, and your fish are gasping for oxygen – that is an emergency! Call us immediately!

What you do:
Ponds are like children. You bring them into the world and you can’t abandon them. Ponds need maintenance. Cleaning your skimmer debris and filter pads, bio-falls/biological filter pads, removing floating debris (leaves, mulch, excess fish food) and a regular pro-active “pond additive regimen” are just some of the required task for keeping your pond healthy and safe for your fish. The more you do the less we need to do. That is why we will be offering Pond-Logic DefensePAC to our pond clients. After much research, amid the confusing world of pond additives, we believe that Defense-PAC, all in one” bucket offes the most complete and comprehensive additives available.

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